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Riding Hats

Buying a riding hat is probably the first thing you would do when wanting to take up horse riding. Riding hats and skulls are a crucial and necessary part of every rider’s safety and should always be worn when riding a horse to protect your head. It is essential that when purchasing a riding hat or skull, that a qualified person fits it.

Quantock Equestrian have qualified hat fitters in store, available seven days a week. We recommend that hats and skulls are always fitted by a trained member of staff to ensure you are purchasing the hat most suited to your head shape and requirement. Because hats and skulls are a safety item that can be damaged when dropped they are non-refundable once purchased.

When buying a hat it is important to understand the safety testing that they go through. The following standards apply to riding and skull caps:

BSEN 1384 BSEN 1384 is commissioned and trusted by the British Standards Institute British Standards to European Specifications (with Kite Mark).

•All organizations allow this standard to be worn during competitions

 PAS 015 Product Approved Specification, Enhanced British specification for protective headgear (with Kite Mark).

•This standard is the enhanced BSEN 1384 standard. It provides improved protection to the crown and the intermediate areas which together account for 75% of most general riding impacts. As the test line is lower at the front, it tends to lead to slightly bulkier helmets. Most organizations recommend this level of protection.

•Crush resistance and prevention of brain injury when landing on edged surfaces due to the more rigid and new cupless chin design. A stability test is also included to limit excessive movement during wearing or a fall.

ASTM 1163 American standards (with SEI = Safety Equipment Institute).

The main reason for helmets being promoted to this standard are:

•Helmets are allowed larger ventilation slots

•Helmets are tested using a hazard anvil (now incorporated in PAS 015)

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